Whirlwind Book Bar- Altus, OK

The Whirlwind Book Bar is located on the Southwest corner of the square in Altus, Oklahoma. This bookstore is a hidden gem in our area. The staff is unique, friendly, and knowledgeable on their books. There is a great variety of books, and if there is something that you can’t find in store, the bookstore can order it for you and will give you a call when it arrives just as quick as Amazon. The checkout counter has a cage that houses an adorable-yet-grumpy little hedgehog, who usually spends its days at the bookstore asleep in its little nest.

A good chuckle.

The children’s nook was seemingly magical, with a hidden reading area underneath the stairs that lead to meeting rooms above. The reading nook is filled with comfy bean bags for reading or sneaking a nap.

So many to choose from….
Hanging out in the reading nook.
Reading in the nook.
I’m here for it.

Aside from books, the Whirlwind Book Bar also has a bakery and bar in the back of the shop. You can get cupcakes, cookies, drinks, boba tea, and even beer in the bakery area. And speaking of beer, they even host something called “beer yoga”.

Perfectly timed offspring photobomb.
It is crucial that you keep your feline counterpart informed.

You can find out more about the Whirlwind Book Bar at its website.

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