Weekend Noms

There was a produce stand at the Rattlesnake Derby this weekend. For a moment, I felt like I was back in Colorado at the farmers market, surrounded by deliciousness. The kids loved the produce stand, and I think we need to make a trip back to Colorado so they can experience the massive farmers markets up there.

We bought quite a bit of food… I got a flat of strawberries for one of my grandmothers, another flat for us and my parents, some tomatoes and cucumbers. The boys picked out grapes, pineapple, Brussel sprouts and asparagus. And yes, both of my kids like Brussels and asparagus. They can be picky with other foods, but they tear up some roasted veggies.

Tiny hand sneaking kettle corn
Another little hand stealing blueberries

The vendor and his workers were very friendly. They let the boys sample some of the produce and were very helpful with our order. We had parked a ways away, and they told us we could pull up to the barricade by their stand and they would bring our food to us. The vendor also snuck two containers of blueberries in our order for free. We love blueberries (we just love food, to be honest) so that was pretty awesome.

One of our other favorite vendors was the roasted corn stand. It’s such a simple thing, but it was G’s favorite food of the weekend. We also got a ridiculously large bag of kettle corn. Delicious!

We had several other things this weekend that I didn’t get pictures of. We tried a burger from Pacific Brim, which was delicious. They also had fresh pineapple which was great for G, who wasn’t interested in the burger. We also shared a chicken on a stick, some kind of smoked sausage gyro, and a Texas Twister fruit drink. On our last day of foodie adventures, we shared a funnel cake with the family, as well as an order of fried pickles. Good times!

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