The Community Garden

Our local library started hosting a community garden last year. We didn’t participate last year, since my health was poor. This year, I am doing better, and the boys wanted to get a garden plot. We ended up getting three plots, because I don’t do anything small.

Our first plot has a variety of lettuces, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

Our second plot has strawberries on one side, then green beans, cucumbers and yellow squash.

Our third plot is for our pumpkins. We hope that we have at least two in the fall that we can carve.

This will be a learning process for both me and the boys. We have been reading books from the library about gardening, visiting with the librarians about their experience, and searching Reddit gardening forums for tips.

I am particularly excited about this opportunity. We are honing a new skill, and it is exciting for me to see how the public library is changing and growing. Our little hometown library has come a long way over the years. This used to be one of my hangout places as a child, and now here I am as an adult, with my own children. We are fortunate to have this resource in our small town!

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