Skinks!? In a Law Office?

“Don’t mind me…I’m just trying to beat the heat”

This morning, to my surprise, this little guy was scurrying around my office floor. This is a juvenile Great Plains Skink. As they get older, they change color from this slick black to more of a yellow/black spotted reptile. This is the second year in a row where we found this type of skink in our office! But, not only did we find one, we found two!


These guys are harmless. They will try to bite you. But, their teeth are so small that they do not even register on a pain scale. In fact, you don’t even feel a pinch when they do bite you. But, you still have to be careful while handling them. They have the capability of shedding its tail to help it escape.

With temperatures outside in the 90’s and 100’s on the horizon, who can blame these little guys wanting to come soak in the air conditioning. Unfortunately, most of my staff objected to leaving them in the office. So, I returned them outside, next to the leaky air conditioner. At least they can bask in the shade and coolness this refuge offers before heading off into the night.

“Thanks for not eating me!”

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