Rescuing Bambi

High-tailing out of here!

We came across an unusual sight during this Sunday evening drive. There was a young deer with it’s foot twisted up in barbed wire on the side of the road. If you aren’t familiar with deer, they are cute and seem non-confrontational… but we know better than that. A deer will not hesitate to square up and cut you with those dainty little hooves if it feels threatened. The deer was in need of help, but also thought that we might be there to eat him. As we pulled up, the deer looked at us as if to say “well hello there good Samaritan, would you kindly do me a favor and untangle my foot?” But as Corry got closer to the scared animal, it let out a grunt that can only be described as “menacing”. That deer was prepared to fight with one leg held up in the barbed wire. Fortunately, the adrenaline of a potential fight was enough to cause the deer to move hard enough that it’s foot came free from the wire. It shot off into the field without even turning around to give us a nod of acknowledgement (rude), but I know it had to have been thankful.

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